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Tapas in Barcelona

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Tapas are small snacks or appetizers usually eaten with a glass of wine. Legend has that barkeepers would cover your wine glass with a piece of bread with cheese to keep flies out of your wine for free.

A few bars still provide free Tapas if you order a drink, usually something simple like olives with bread and cheese. We like to go to major markets where the crowd scrambles to the food stalls for their Tapas and wine then find an empty chair or eat at the standing only tables.

These pickled olives and peppers are stuffed with meats, cheeses, and seafood. The proper way eat them is to put the whole thing in your mouth and bite. But get ready for an explosion of flavor so intense your tastebuds might freak out.

From savory to sweet most Tapas bars offer huge selections each one containing a toothpick. Buffet style service makes it easy to see exactly what your getting.

Fill your plate with as many Tapas as you want and at the end of your meal they count your toothpicks to total your bill.

Angulas or baby eels were so mild that the tiny slice of salmon underneath was the main flavor in this very unusual looking treat.

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