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Le Carrousel

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

It had been ten years since my last visit to Toulouse and I was happy to see this vintage Carrousel still operating and looking exactly as I remembered.

After a typical French dinner and a bottle of local red wine we caught the last bit of sunset at this amazing piece of mechanical art. The haunting melody and relaxed atmosphere, help to create a fantasy dream scape just two blocks from our hotel.

This was Lauras first time to Toulouse so I was excited to show her around and we also stayed at the same hotel I used 10 years earlier.

It was good to see the Hotel Royal Wilson had not changed in the slightest. The decor is Art Nuvo and Art Deco with a heavy Moorish influence.

I'm not saying the hotel is totally old school, but these are the room keys. All room keys are kept at the front desk and guest must retrieve their key every time they return to the hotel.

Traditions die hard throughout Europe and this hotel makes up in character and location for its lack of modern updates.

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